Elm Croft Cottage

Self Catering Holiday Accommodation

adjacent to the Peak District
in Hollins, Old Brampton, Chesterfield

Contact Robin: phone or text 07905 808532 or
email@: elmcroftholidays@gmail.com

Lionel, the Little Owl at Elm Croft Cottage, Hollins
Hello, I'm Lionel Little Owl.
I'm your neighbour at Elm Croft Holiday Let. I'm keeping you up to date with all the local goings on at Hollins. When you visit, you probably won't see me, as I'm quite shy and retiring, but I do like to have a good natter with "the Mrs.", so you may well hear me calling.

Lionel Blog 1Swallows arrived

I saw the first swallow here on the 4th April, sat on the telephone wire at the bottom of the village, presumably catching it's breath after the long haul it's made from Southern Africa. The curlews are also back, and in full voice in the fields over the back of Elm Croft.

Lionel Blog 1Signs of spring

Spring is here and the daffodils are just coming out as the snowdrops are finishing. Blossom is on the blackthorn trees and the hedgerows are beginning to show green shoots. The local birds, including blue tits and both tree and house sparrows are looking at the nest boxes.